Hyperinflation forces shops to close down in Juba as ordinary citizens starve

IMG 20200926 WA007057,000 South Sudanese Pounds amounting to 100 US-Dollar bill/Photo by Ramciel Broadcasting. Current exchange is 100 : 71,000 SSP and rising steadily as of today

Shops are being closed down in Juba due to hard fall of Pounds from the peak of competition against US Dollar

South Sudanese have no option but to close down their shops across the nation’s capital as the economy is taking another turn. Some could not pay their employees.


Several shops and bars are being closed down, according to Lado, a resident in Juba who owns a shop in Kator area.

“People are not buying. They can not afford. We can not import goods because the pounds are reject by the neighboring countries. We can not afford the dollars from the bank. They say nothing is there. We have no option but to closed.”

South Sudan president, Salva Kiir Mayardit convened a high level economic meeting with ministers on Wednesday, but the details where not clear. It is report that, the president is not happy about the way the economy is going.

With now shops being closed down, South Sudanese are now stranded with no means to survive.

Lado, is just among many who are being forced to close their shops because nothing seems to be moving. However, he believes, government can still do something to save them from total closed down.

“peace implementation is one thing. Full commitment to implement peace can save our nation from total collapsed.” He told Ramciel Broadcasting this afternoon in Juba.

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