“Hussein Abdelbagi Akol is your next president”-Governor Tong Aken

Vice President, H.E Hussein Abdelbagi Akol, addressing the media outlets.Vice President, H.E Hussein Abdelbagi Akol, addressing the media outlets.

Contrary to the popular belief, Nhial Deng Nhail will not be the next South Sudan president, the latest development indicates.

If H.E Nhial Deng Nhail, the minister in the office of the president is your idle choice, then things may not turn out as expected. There is a move to groom the current Vice President in charge of cluster services to replace president Salva Kiir Mayardit, senior government official, Governor Tong Aken revealed.

The talks of whom to replace president Salva Kiir in case of uneven circumstance dominant the political discussion in the world’s young nation since the outbreak of COVID-19 last year. No tangible source ever updates the media, until the last minute of the 2020-Thursday night when an announcement was made to a group of few elites within the country’s top leadership.

The discussion involved Sultan Malong Diing and top other men of influence in the country. According to social media post media available by Adkel K. Amol, Governor Tong Aken the current governor of Northern Bar el gazel surprisingly declared a piece of unusual news to the gathering. He said the country’s next president is H.E Hussien Abdelbagi Akol, the current Vice president of South Sudan.

“Governor Tong Aken surprised me yesterday when he announced that Huessien Abdelbagi Akol is the next preside of South Sudan.” Wrote Sultan Amlong Diing.

Social media post by Adhel K Amol

Social media post by Adhel K Amol

However, Malong questioned the audacity of this bold announcement not known to millions of South Sudanese.

“Is Governor Tong Aken joining Kiir Must Go Group?” Malong asked a group of elites after the meeting.
“Where is President Kiir going and when. More explanation is needed otherwise what is taking place in Aweil that brought former NCP members together is a campaign against president Kiir” further stated Malong.

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