By Marial Paul, Concern Citizen of Twic East County 

It has been almost a month now since people from Twic East County left their homeland because of Flood and others are still leaving the area but the Government of South Sudan hasn’t responded to any kind of  Humanitarian Assistance.

It is terrible for some people to eat one meal a day, Those who left their homeland Maar, Patiop, Paliau, Wanglei, Pawel, Panyagoor and other parts of Wernyol are stranded in Guol-yar, Bor town, Managlla and others on the ways coming. 

Let me bring it into your attention Mr. President and your five Vices Vices President, it was not their wish to leave their homeland but force out by Natural Disaster that you all know, these are the people you are President and Vices President,  the same county was Dr. John Garang de Mabior came from who is the father of Nation as no one will be denied, I wish if Garang de Mabior was alive, he would have responded to the Disaster.

Those who live in the Village were exposed to Village living styles as many of their relatives,  sons, daughters and cousins are not working in any part of South Sudan but base on creative in the Village. They have nothing to eat now, nowhere to sleep, no health centres because the population is increasing every day……. What’s life?

They are forced to leave their homes and other want to defend on Soldier whose salary is 1,500ssp and at the same time, it is detained because of the reason I don’t know, No budget pass for National Disaster allocation so that we can blame Minister for Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management Mayen Wol and Cluster.

The State Government is not in use or not Active as Governor Denay Chagor is in Juba waiting for the go-ahead from the head of State and Government, State and National parliaments are not reconstituted so that they can be delivered their limit responsibilities, you sent Representative of Twic East County Hon. Deng Dau Malek for the medication in Russia and Deng by himself doesn’t want to delegate his powers to somebody or even his wife to call for Humanitarian Assistance for flooding affected people on his behalf.

I can’t blame those who are always close with President and even have a number with President to tell him, call for the World Food Program and other humanitarian organizations to help vulnerable people at stranded areas because its doesn’t concern their community but Did Garang died for his people to get suffer back at home? The answer may only be “YES” because we don’t betray our dignity as Twic East Community.

Thanks to Rt. Rev. Zachariah Manyok Biar Mangar, Diocesan Bishop of Wanglei who when to assess the situation of people in Twic East County of Jonglei state, he is truly the son of the community and good leaders of the vulnerable, with his help some people managed to evacuate their families from Kongor, Nyuak, Ajuong and Maar to their last destination through his support but it was so little to help the whole community as Many are still struggling to evacuate themselves but no way. Nevertheless, Evacuation is the problem but the biggest problem is hunger. 

I have been seeing a lot of Fundraising online to help Flood affected victims but that Fundraising is not coming, my President please just try to sleep without eating and feel how is painful to stay without food. All eyes of Vulnerable people are on you and if anything happens, you are responsible. Just intervene, Call for Humanitarian Assistance, Show them where to stay for safety without insecurity, help your vulnerable people who voted for you in 2010 and voted for a succession of Separation 2011 that lead to Independence of South Sudan and Stop Threatening me because am not against your leadership but after the Vulnerable people who cannot manage to live in Juba.

Mr. President, you are my President and I hope not to receive the rewards of threatening and ignorance but to see you issue another order on SSBC for Humanitarian Assistance, am just beating around the Bush but my message will not reach you and no one will read it out for you and for those who are reading this, you know anyone close to President please forwarded to him for further consideration. 

Thanks you so much for reading 
Marial Paul Concern Citizen of Twic East County

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