How the SPLM-IO have loosely turned from National Visionary to Personalized ambitious

Riek Machar VOA photoRiek Machar VOA photo

The peace sign is literally a broken chain of mistrust between; both president Kiir and his main rivalry opposition Leader Riek, both should work in consolidating one unifying aim of recovering the country from war to peace state transition.

In my option as an individual person, I believe the ongoing peace implementation. Will never ever hold water or mark it owns significant advantages befitting the nation as a whole; despite the fact that many people within the SPLM-IO movement have deeply Fall in Love with this ongoing peace process which was signed in Sudanese Capital Khartoum in the year 2018.

For me, that isn’t really peace, and it deserves to be termed as just blasphemous to the broken cross. #cross#christianity#peace#sign#icon#symbol#forbidden#law.

In my personal beliefs as an individual; I have never got any self-interest in challenging any peacebuilding process.

But the ongoing peace in Junub El Thuodan deserves dishonoured by all means possible, because any peace purpose is to bring change to that particular nation and it should supposedly hold accountability on all war criminals, reforming governance institution, as well as security sectors among other things.

In consistence to this regard, SPLM-IO has been negotiating from 2018_2020 to preserve political position, not Judicial, financial, and security Reform among other things.

Straight to my points on how SPLM-IO has loosely turned away from the national Vision, it supposes to struggle for, to that of ambitious: the entire Leadership of SPLM-IO stand tall unto it’s kneeling during the whole negotiated period to secure her political ratios in position division such as;

– First Vice President – 9 Minsters plus two deputies and – 3 Three governors. No amount of pressure stops the SPLM-IO movement during the negotiated period, in preserving the party political ambitiously to underscores those above-mentioned political posts.

If the Government did not agree with such a position division, I believe SPLM-IO and government would have been still negotiating until the present; as its normally undergoing partially on the case of Upper Nile State Governor Johnson Ulony rejection and re-nomination by both Government and opposition, that becomes the political phenomenon was SPLM-IO rebels for (Position fighting).

Good example: is Upper Nile State Governor, no amount of pressure or thread will make Riek Machar to quite on Johnson Olony as his choice nominee.

This alone indicates, the fact that Machar and those who accompanied him to Juba are for the position, they’ve left behind the security implementation, Judiciary reform and among other things which are development sectors, and taking peace initiative to all Communities of South Sudanese to owns it.

This personal interest struggle defines the Lack of Country’s Goodwill in ignoring the best wishes for the Country; to that of personal ambitions; that Will nevertheless take that peace to its total destination.

Finally: both Riek Machar and Salva Kiir have no difference. They’re the reason why South Sudan does not move forward.

There under, South Sudanese need to put aside their egos and unite to bring both Kiir and Riek down from political power so that, South Sudan can attain her national Reform and prosperous development.

Embrace Change, Embrace Reform. Be a reformist.

The_Idealist, Domach T.Duoth

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