“How can F.V. President leading the government be leader of a group opposing the government,” Senior Politician laments | RB

Duer Tut Duer, a widely known politician that is widely seen as the next political kingpin in the ‘Nuerland’ has come out strongly to criticize once again the opposition group lead by his rival F.V. Dr. Riak Machar whom he sees to have failed miserably both in popularity and leadership.

In a long Facebook post attaching the reflection and celebratory mood of the Independence Day, rather mixed with sad mood, Hon. Duet Tut, the former senior SPLA-IO politcian wrote:

Let us remember our Fallen heroes and heroines:

As we are commemorating the 8th of July, allow me to salute the memory of all our fallen heroes and heroines for their courage, their determination and above all, for having sacrificed their lives for the cause of our Struggle.

My special respect goes to the fallen heroes of J1 (Juba one) who sacrificed their lives to protect the live of Riek Machar who is now in Juba and who could not think of commemorating this important day in the history of our Struggle.

Although the cause of our Struggle is abandoned by Machars, we are still determined not to betray the spirit of struggle of our fallen heroes and heroines.

About the Statement of Angelina Teny, I would like to say the following:
Angelina Teny wants the Soldiers who still believe in the SPLA-IO, to leave the army and join the SPLM-IO Party.

First of all: Angelina needs to know that, the SPLM-IO is not yet a political party, because it is not yet registered as a political party. It is still a Liberation Movement.

Secondly: Angelina should stop calling herself the Chairperson of Defense and Security Committee of the SPLM/A-IO, since she doesn’t believe that, the SPLA-IO exists.

The Article : 2.4.2. of R-ARCSS Stipulates : the JDB shall be formed at the level of Chiefs of staff and directors General of National Security Service, police, and all other organized forces to exercise command and control over all forces during the pre-transitional period.

We are now in Transitional Period and not in Pre-Transitional period.
By saying the members of the JDB who are with her are the ones to command all the forces including the SPLA-IO, then what about our Chief of staff ?

Does Angelina want to tell us that, our Chief of Staff Simon Gatwech Dual is not any longer the commander of the SPLA-IO forces and Riek Machar is not any longer the Commander- in – Chief of the SPLA-IO ?

If that is the case, then Yiey Dak must immediately leave Yomding for Juba or any other destination or will be forced to do so to stop him from doing subversive activities intended to mislead, blackmail and deceive the people of Jikany who are used by them a great deal for their interests.

The Article: 2.4.1. of the R-ARCSS stipulates : all the heads of the Opposition Armed Groups shall continue as Commanders – In – Chief of their forces until the end of the Pre-Transitional period or until the end of the unification process.

Since Angelina Teny considers the end of pre-transitional period as the end of SPLA-IO, then Riek Machar should not call himself Commander in chief of the SPLA-IO anymore. They proved us right when we said five months back that, Riek Machar has abandoned our forces and surrendered to the Government.

It was in fact a confusion from the beginning for Riek Machar to be First Vice President of the Republic and at the same time the Chairman and Commander in Chief of a Rebel Movement. He is First Vice President and still being referred to, as the leader of the main opposition group.

How can a First Vice President leading a government be also a leader of a group opposing the Government.

Let us prepare ourselves to put things in their right places.

Duer Tut Duer

Duer Tut has served in the government in a senior post.

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