Horror as NSS officer tries to kill Judiciary employees in an attempt to grab land | RB

File photo: Aerial view of Blue House, Juba South Sudan

A senior National Security Service general tries to grab land by forcing the judiciary employees to include his name as a land owner of a disputed land in Juba. He threatened two high court employees with death threats.

As reported by the police, the brigadier general is called Gum Agok and he stormed into the Office of the Registrar of Land and ordered that his name be recognized as the owner of a disputed land in Juba.

According to Eye Radio

General Gum is claiming ownership of the land at Juba Nabari or the Thongpiny, near Juba International Airport.

But the registrar of land reportedly refused to change the title deed without proper documents to backup Gum’s land ownership claims.

General Gum allegedly forced the registrar and his deputy into a car, locked the door and threatened to cause harm if they tried to call anyone on phone.

One of the court officials who was held at a gunpoint is Delfino Abbas, chief registrar of land at the High Court in Juba.

“They took the phone of Cosmos (his deputy), but mine was hidden in my pocket,” Abbas told Eye Radio.

“So, after an hour, three judges returned together with the Bridger General Gum, and took us back to the office.”

The Deputy Registrar, Cosmos James, who was at the event described the general’s action as total disrespect for the constitution.

“This is a violation of human rights and disrespect to the judiciary and the country,” James stated.

National Security Service forces have been known of brutality and exercise their powers to an extend of abusing it.

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