Hon. Tut Kew Gatluak Reportedly Sick After the News of His Removal Resurfaced

South Sudan Presidential Advisor on Security and Chairman of NPTC/Photo credit/nyamilpediaSouth Sudan Presidential Advisor on Security and Chairman of NPTC/Photo credit/nyamilpedia

June 11, 2020 (RB), President of South Sudan is planning to oust the former NCP good boys from his closed circle in a bump to reform the nation’s leadership. Kiir who has been soft on his colleagues warned that he will not tolerate people who are stealing and not serious to help him restructuring the nation.

The removal of the Undersecretary of Health Dr. Makur and minister of presidential affairs over the Juba Bar El Ghazel Highway saga is perceived as the first steppingstone in a fight for reformation.

The country’s founder has been led down by his officials whom when he entrusted an assignment, they end up stealing millions of dollars from the nation’s only treasure, Central Bank.

This week Kiir is reportedly planning to remove his close friend Hon. Tut Kew Gatluak who is being accused by the activist groups of arming Bul Nuer Youth to attacks their neighbours. He denied being part of such a conspiracy.

Speaking to an official from Nairobi, Kenya, Tut is to be among the first hit by the wave of change, if he doesn’t change his ways. The official said the president had had enough of the people who are not helping him transform the nation.

“He is a target. It is not a question of when but soon. The president is carrying out massive reforms within the next couple of months to prepare the nation for the election. He also had the intention of bringing young people in the leadership”

Ask why the president is now serious about reform and why people like Tut are the target? His reply is disturbing.

“Hon. Tut Kew stole millions of dollars through the body entrusted to implement peace-NPTC. Whether he likes it or not he is going with many others I am not ready to mention. This explains why he has been sick. I think he is not happy with the upcoming change”

South Sudan’s civil war killed nearly half a million people, hundreds of thousands in the neighbouring countries and millions facing a humanitarian crisis within the country. People’s implementation is abruptly disrupted by the current global pandemic of COVID-19.

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