Hon. Suzanne Jambo calls for a revolution to overturn “ethnic divide, rule and conquer” status quo

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A call for a united peaceful revolution in South Sudan to overcome “Ethnic divide, rule and conquer”

By Suzanne Jambo

The anti Dinka sentiments by some individuals on social media will only take us to more graves and suffering. Talking ill of the Dinka as a community, or any other community in South Sudan be it the Nuer, or Bari community, it is like “talking ill of your leg or arm”. It’s a non stater! Not at all called for position. We must all totally reject and refuse this ethnic hate notion!

From the outset, mine is not a political statement, neither it is about winning or favoring any community. This is to help us understand our persistent conflicts are not about or against the Dinka community. Ours is a conflict made by rotten incompetent leaders in the government and opposition, including armed groups—-they fear us all to question their greed and incompetence, they ethnically divide us and keep us busy hating one another, all in a bid to remain in power, political relevance, basically exploiting unsuspecting, ignorant respective communities for their own selfish gains. BUT, hate begets hate, violence begets violence—where and when can we have a nation based on hate and violence?!

The Dinka are part and parcel of the South Sudanese community—the nation. South Sudan’s 64 communities resemble the whole body of a human being. So are the Nuer, the Bari, the Balanda, Lotuko, Chollo, Toposa, Keresh, the Anyuak, Mundo, Moru, Avukaya, Didinga, etc. We the 64 communities are our nation foundation!

All 64 communities, each and everyone of us are an integral part of the identity of South Sudan!

As Africans, we study and tremendously respect Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame, a Tutsi by tribe. His community, the Tutsi were brutally ethnically killed by the Hutus during the Genocide of 1994 (almost 1 million killed, mainly the Tutsis by the Hutus). Yet, President Paul Kagame didn’t discriminate when he ascended to power, neither did he take any bias position against the Hutus. Kagame did not only re-unite all Rwandans, but also sought intrinsic traditional-based Gachacha courts and neutral justice, the Arusha Tribunal. He continues to help heal his people, nationhood building and reconciliation. Today Rwanda is Africa’s fastest growing nation and is a world example of overcoming ethnic Genocide and other historical injustices, beside excelling n new endeavors. That’s what a competent servant leader, or what I call an “African-parent leader”. Kagame takes all his Rwandan People as his family, as his kids without favor but wishes to do the best for them all while he evidently empowers the youth and women and all Rwandans!

Relatedly, President Kiir’s corrupt incompetent government, the army and the legislature embody INDIVIDUALS from all our communities. Thereby no one can say “there’s a favored” community, per se, but a favored clique of associates and “partners in crime”—-these corrupt incompetent individuals who serve under Kiir, Dr. Riek Machar and Dr. Wani Igga could care less about their “respective” communities’ suffering!
Moreover, all our 64 communities are suffering, hungry and humiliated. They’re being killed by bullets which don’t discriminate between a “Bari or a Dinka, or a Nuer”! All 64 communities are in internally displaced camps, IDPs and refugees camps. We 64 are all suffering beyond comprehension!

The time has come for the call of unity of the 64 and for overcoming. No military, no might, no tyranny, no schemes can defeat such a united people. Until we call for unity of all our 64 communities, be consistent, serious, transparent and genuine about Unity of the We64 Call, Kiir and cohorts shall be the winners on this “ethnic divide, rule and conquer.” While others illusionary continue to violently arm communities against each other, kill one another, our own until “the last man standing!”

I wish to be a servant leader helping our people unite, heal, trust and love one another, seek justice, judicially, and build a true youngest shinning nation in Africa, in the world.

Suzanne Jambo
Founder and Chairperson
The party movement of We64


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