Hon. Governor of Jonglei State is a Shiny Young Politician: Response to the so-called Dr. Ran Kuoth Chak’s

Hon. Denay Jock Chagor Jonglei GovernorHon. Denay Jock Chagor Jonglei Governor

Opinion By: Mak Banguot Gok (Makjohnson)

The so-called Dr. Ran Kuoth Chak’s Criminal cyber attack on Jonglei State Governor – Hon. Dinay Jock Chagor exceeded the normal stage of rational freedom of expression. Therefore, in response to Dr. Ran Kuoth’s odium vocalizations against Hon. Jock, I am hereby taking you all the way through the dustbins of his recent baseless article circulated on Social Media Platforms, entitled, “Exposing Political Deceit: Dinay Jock Rise to power without education and Military Training”. This piece of writing is giving you an accurate version of who is actually the Hon. Dinay Jock Chagor.

Whence I read through social media about some individuals ‘ political dissatisfies, I felt so much discontented with all the baseless recitations by those individuals’ cyber delinquents who act in total deviations from the facts about the young Governor. Although there has never been an imperatives points brought forth to be somewhat debatable, there are still plowing some nonsensical talks that, many of us who know better the Hon. Governor’s shinny political avidity, oblige to openly condemn in the very strongest terms, such disrespectful comportment of some politically apathetic individuals South Sudanese on social media.

Simply, I wouldn’t hesitate to make it clear that, all those with contentions against the governor’s climbing of the political ladder are only enemies of their own rights. Their talks of non existed facts about Hon. Governor is unsubstantiated, and indeed, rather a phony claim which they are intending at immoral recounts of the Hon. Governor’s individuality. We shouldn’t care about someone who only acts in the expression of own-droopy political litheness. People in Jonglei State know and feeling the difference brought forth by the young Governor in political contacts and conduct. Those who don’t see the reasons to appreciate all which are being achieved through the young Governor are only the ones battling with the defects of moral character.

But, with these essentials reasons of educating the general masses about the true picture of the Governor, I felt like to articulate more, and, this my writing is not only giving particular regard to the so-called Dr. Ran Kuoth Chak. It is generally intended to reach out to whomever it may concerns. This is because, there is a widely thinning out of others potentials adversaries who are still asserting that, Hon. Dinay Jock has come into the sight of his current political status through frauds and dishonest means. There are existing few individuals who continue claiming that, somewhat of a mysterious background has added to the governor’s climbing of the ladder. The likes of those who don’t appreciate humans taking the extra mile in a successful social journey do still not satisfy.

Those who are on their mission of waging on a disloyalty campaign against the young Governor are the same ones accustomed with the believes in hear – sayings for they lack everything of realistic capacity to pays proper thought to the situation before depicting it out nonetheless (I.e. the young Governor is sagging for such a huge liability.) It is clear that all those who caught up in an ill-languishing against the young Governor are pointless. None of them accurately brought forth a justifying claim by pointing onto the areas where the noteworthy Achilles’ heel is being counted. Asks anyone of “what is lacking by the young Governor, none will give you satisfactory answers. And, lack of a properly supporting their arguments against the Governor, it makes any of the claim not be even a nuisance to anyone.

Moreover, I doubt that the author (for example, of the recently online circulated article), indeed has mentioned his real nature. And, given the fact that the name itself (Ran Kuoth Chak) doesn’t sound like any of a meaningful Nuer’s names that he claimed to be forged. This makes it unreal!.

Based on the moral and legal value of social media engagement, omitting one’s exact distinctiveness (hiding identity) and languishing on social media against public figures or individual personalities, is somewhat best described as a “criminology.” Nonetheless, it is unfortunate for whoever holding on to the downbeat thoughts of the emerging political enthusiast (Jonglei State Governor) without first proper judgment.

I mean, for those of you who hang on such magical assumptions that “Jonglei State governor is not educationally qualified; the governor has no politically recorded works experience; the governor has never once served in a conventional military service, and therefore, the Governor is unfitted for the job”, you are only showing off the flaw of your intellectual analysis. As a matter of fact, these types of you are best describes as either politically brainwashed or apathetic. This is rightly so whence your point of views are showing how politically naive are you to the point of not recognized the potency of the current Jonglei State Governor – Hon. Dinay Jock Chagor.

Not by directly responding to them in a detailed context, I would like to only reassure them that, the current governor of Jonglei State- Hon. Dinay Jock Chagor is indeed a young budding political aficionado. This is due to the mixture of his solid personal, moral character, and a politically oriented attitude that, unlike the old political forks, he is fully understanding the liberal Democratic ideology that, a society should be governed by an elite group of individuals who have nationalistic views. He (Hon. Jock) is by the verdicts of scientific interpretation of Politics, a “Political Dove” which stood for example, (a young politician who wants to use peaceful methods to solve all the sort of political problems rather than fighting).

And, above all, Hon. Dinay Jock Chagor is a politically critical thinker; an effective public speaker; a steady worthy decision-maker; an outstanding public influencer, and a statesman. Hon. Dinay deserves not negative judgment, but an objective recognition that, none of the political leaders among the current political leaders, and those previously served governors of Jonglei State is weighing against Hon. Dinay.

And, if a politician is one propose, support, and create laws or policies that govern the state and, by extension, its people, there is no doubt that Honorable Chagor is an extraordinary young politician who can work on a local or national scale, and he has an extensive influence over various bureaucratic processes, and he is able to independently executive government decisions on behalf of the people (for example, of Jonglei State).

Educationally in reference to the same Dr. Rann Kuoth Chak’s version against the governor, Hon. Dinay Jock is renowned for not only possessed a quality formal education, but, and above all, his intellectual quality, extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, openness to experience, engagement in an ideas prelates endeavors, creativity, unconventional, innovation, and above all, as a young man, he is specifically encouraged by a culture of risks taking, Democratic political orientation, and swift response. These extraordinary personal qualities of the Hon. Dinay Jock can speak to whomever skeptical and distrustful.

Likewise, I personally felt despondent to those individuals like Dr. Ran Kuoth Chak who don’t know how essential the preservation of the name, and, veneration of the leader’s image. This is somewhat that disquieting me for sometimes. And, with this piece of article, I am hereby alluring to the antagonists in their distinct characteristics, that, they should revive their own politically pessimistic attitudes toward the Governor of Jonglei State-Hon. Dinay Jock Chagor.

Simply, for the sake of the position which he is holding today as the Governor of such a popular Jonglei State, he deserves all the necessary respect and assurance of meaningful corporation. Being a Governor is meaning the most common steppingstone and launching pad for the presidency in a liberal Democratic political system. Hon. Dinay can be any if permitted the president of the Republic of South Sudan, who knows!

And, to any of you who keep launching unkind remarks on the young Governor, your benefit is to show off one’s political covetousness. This sort of political disrespect is rather a turn of phrase and wrongly extorted notion to purposely demeaning public figures. This is an appropriate attempt of unworthy utilization of the freedom of expression. And, therefore you must stop!

Here, therefore, I don’t care of whoever the so-called Dr. Ran Kuoth Chak was. And, it isn’t a matter of concern as to whatsoever might be inspired him to talks all these nonsense allegations about the people’s Governor on social media. Like any of his like-minded ‘destructive critiques so far, these unworthy members of the society are best describes as the guards whose political postures affiliated with the avant-garde on the consumption of general attitude. Nevertheless, we should only excuse their political orientation and as a consumer of preliminary understanding when publicly showoff intolerable misbehavior.

And, for a bad and prejudiced language which the said Dr. Ran Kuoth Chak used to tarnish the image and, the effective repute of this young governor is unprofessional. Therefore, such irresponsible acts are mounting to the “character shooting.” With accuracies, a replicated as whoever sharing similar ill-stance against the young governor, such a person is suitably termed as a hypocrite and egocentric imaginative.

When we consider one of his/her political orientations, most of the individuals are deeply influenced by their behaviors and beliefs which they experienced in the different political environments in which they have begun their political socialization. Therefore, Hon. Dinay’s political dovishness (political orientation that favoring compromise to avoid conflict) is what he acquired during his lengthy stays in the US’s New York City).

Imagines, somewhere in the Western hemisphere! This indicated that the young Governor’s political progressivism (the political orientation in which he favors progress toward better conditions in government and society) is classical and shimmering of the Western ideology.

Hon. Dinay has such oriented views that the idea of democratic participation is thus transforming into a “noble lie. That means, Hon. Chagor is ruling through democracy. And according to him (Dinay), the democratic political approach is that influences the political compass reading and which he thought of to determine the political directions, political tasks, and political safeguarding while serving the people of South Sudan.

Hon. Dinay Jock’s marvelous emergency to the political surface of South Sudan is indisputable that it wasn’t through an ascribed achievement rather hard-won produce of his handwork. Unlike his age mates who usually descended to power with nursing from their relatives, this young man is succeeding through using his own clever maneuvering of political entrepreneurs which is in its view the most distinctive aspects of a democratic ‘political system.

Not to put in plain words the motives of individuals, I can only see an opportunity in this regard to gives due intensives attention and focuses on the solution of the main problems that many South Sudanese are suffering from. This is what we might refer to as “the correct political orientation”. Meanwhile, the concept of life-long learned ethnic nationalism; and the style of integrating schools learned political theory with practices makes it so difficult for the bulk of young South Sudanese political practitioners to show real politics, to acts politically, to express politically, to criticize politically, and to politically formulate ideal and Democratic freedom of expression. This is one of the undisputed reason why many young South Sudanese appears always waging negative and destructive political criticism against wrong targets.

Thus! An obvious difference of the political orientations within the South Sudanese age bracket, could not be detached from that of individual’s interest, the tribes, the clan’s and even the groups. For healthy political engagements to prevail, there are needs for deepening of the entire dismantling of/and political restructuring. This is a question of when is there to be a stable political system in South Sudan; where South Sudanese conduct their political affairs in conducive political environs; and above all, it is important when not only the young Governor in his capacity, but also, and above all, when it becomes somewhat practices that our nation embarks on a moral admonishment for citizens to become more active in politics, not because the political leaders expecting great masses of them to become active, but by helping citizens understand the system is open and, that it granted individual hope to sustains a belief in the right of all to participate.

There is only when most if not all South Sudanese comes to the corrections of their political orientation that, criticism and giving of a standing ovation is a healthy part of political games and debate.

Do these numbers indicate a profound rethinking of our political compass reading or are they just a blip? Maintaining the correct political point of reference is essential to the success of the work for the people’s congresses. Advanced and correct value outlook can promote young South Sudanese political enthusiasts to establish correct political orientation and firm political belief.



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