Hon. Duer Tut unexpectedly touring abroad, cementing his reforms campaign & ousting of Dr. Riek – RB

SPLM/A (IO) Interim Chairman, H.E Hon. Duer Tut Duir/PHOTO: SuppliedSPLM/A (IO) Interim Chairman, H.E Hon. Duer Tut Duir/PHOTO: Supplied

Hon. Duer Tut made an unexpected visit to France, South Africa, Ethiopia and now planning to visit Washington D.C, an aid closer to him told RB on Thursday.

The outspoken senior SPLM/A-IO Politician, who want to oust Dr. Machar from the movement’s leadership unexpectedly visited South Africa before heading to France.

IMG 20200924 WA0038
Hon. Duer Tut Duir in a flight to South Africa/PHOTO SUPPLIED

In a statement extended to Ramciel Broadcasting, Duer is being arranged to meet high-level foreign dignitaries to present his version on how to solve the South Sudan civil war.

“He has been invited to meet these people. These people are working to solve the South Sudan political crisis between Machar and Kiir. He is going to solve it.” Said a senior reformist diplomate who asked his name to remain anonymous.

“Change is inevitably. These people are killing the innocents civilians and not transforming the country.” He added.

The reason for the visit though not clear, Duer seems to gain international attention in his ambition to removes South Sudan’s First Vice President from the IO’s leadership.

“We the Reformists are many. We have men and women dedicated to change the situation of our people. Let the position seekers go.”

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