Hon. Duer Tut to replace Dr. Riek Machar & contest in the elections

SPLM/A (IO) Interim Chairman, H.E Hon. Duer Tut Duir/PHOTO: SuppliedSPLM/A (IO) Interim Chairman, H.E Hon. Duer Tut Duir/PHOTO: Supplied

Becoming the next President of South Sudan has turned out to be a burning ambition for many. These ‘many’ include cattle keepers, inexperienced individuals, the lost boys, the subordinate politicians, senior politicians and as well some of the serving vice presidents in the current TGoNU.

But as part of the larger group, Duer Tut is already crafting his way in a way that dictates political masterly.

Hon. Duer Tut has been boldly tipped as the next political Kingpin of the ‘Nuerland’ and that is boiling down to bitterness from his rivals.

Duer Tut has also coined a network of political heavy weights and he is believed to possibly change the political landscape of South Sudan that has been dominated by Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar plus the aging SPLM/A members.

By popular opinion, the proclaimed reformist whose reforms campaigns have been seen as deep division within the IO political arena, is nearly on final phase to topple the chairman of Sudan People’s Liberation Movement In Opposition.

According to his close associate, Duer Tut is secretly backed by some of the most senior members of SPLM-IO which obviously gives him an upper hand in the journey to the THRONE.

“We Reformists are many” a chanted slogan that is taking path as a ‘real force’ for political change although oppositions have always experienced struggle fatigue. The fatigue makes them give in without a mark of ‘real change’; a core need by the people of South Sudan.

The topic of Duer Tut reforming IO is seen by staunch IO supporters as a fruitless effort and that the Senior IO man is verily ‘wasting his time’

Much has however been unknowingly shed by the disintegrating political force of SPLM/A-IO Chairman. His role in the Revitalized Transitional Government of the National Unity (RTGoNU) has been finalized to ‘favouritism’ by his counterparts and the outlook is a big deal they are not happy about.

Machar has been constantly criticized for appointing his close family members and this has given Duer Tut a good ground in the the world of South Sudanese intellectuals which is marred with mixed political reactions and emotions. Youths are already rallying behind him.

Duer Tut does not however criticize only the leadership of Machar but Kiir as well; combining parts of his moves as ‘KiirRiek Must Go’ and he is carrying it on.

The shocking truth about the Upper Nile politician is that he would contest in the possible elections after the end of RTGoNU as revealed by a source. This mean that he will become the flag bearer of SPLM-IO or possibly rebrand the party and contest to for the top job in the country which many have their eyes on.

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