Hon. Duer Tut Supporters Demand IO Leader Immediately Impeached

Vivacious supporters to the brilliant politician Hon. Duer Tut Duir, who call themselves SPLM-IO reformists, demand an immediate impeachment of Dr. Riek Machar Teny from the chairmanship of the movement’s leadership.

In an email extended to Ramciel Broadcasting on Wednesday, former Machar aid to Cairo, Both Yich Yat said the time for Machar to be removed from the leadership of the IO is now. He is demanding immediate action to be taken by Hon. Duer, a popular politician within the rebels movement. 

“We need Hon. Duer to urgently take actions and impeach Riek Machar and chase the current tribal regime out of South Sudan to rescue the citizens from the misery”, Said Amb. Both.

Yich, previously representing Dr. Machar in Cairo refused to join his boss in Juba citing the leader has profligate the spirit of the popular revolutionary movement.

Machar’s unexpected move to Juba instigated much dissatisfaction among the IO supporters. This led to a quest by Hon. Duer to replace Machar. He calls out for reforming and restructuring the SPLM/A-IO.

Yich said that “Riek Machar himself is afraid to debate with Hon. Duer because he knows very well that he has betrayed the cause and vision of the SPLM/A-IO. That is why his worshippers are mumbling between fake peace and the war.”

Nhail Wat Nyang a senior reformist and an adherent to Hon. Duer believes Machar’s leadership has declined and it is time for the people to choose the alternative-Duer, he said fit for the job. He also told Ramciel Kiir can only be defeated by Duer who is committed to the cause for the people of South Sudan.

He outlined five reasons why the IO chairman no longer fit for the job.

“The chairman of the SPLM/A-IO abandoned his soldiers in the bushes of South Sudan after the failed implementation of the security arrangement. This is a first-class betrayal, he said.

Adding that “Machar has betrayed the cause for our struggle for his traditional position of the Vice President and surrendering himself to the regime in the broad daylight.”

Duer supporters are increasingly adding numbers as the implementation of the peace agreement is currently not holding. 

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