Higher Education Minister on Spotlight As He Denied Students’ Suffering

(RB, 27/05/2020)—After one and half weeks’ time, since the brutal beating of South Sudanese students in the Ethiopian capital by the Ethiopian Federal Police, Hon. Denay Chagor, the young minister met president Salva Kiir today and lectured him about the students who are studying abroad and their present situation amidst coronavirus pandemic. According to him, the students are doing fine and nothing much is bothering them.

Ever since the release of $3 million by the disbanded High Level Taskforce on Covid 19, students have been protesting the withholding of their relief money by embassy officials in their respective countries. Some students, though managed to get their share, it was as little as $30. This was a case reported by students in Egypt while those in the Kingdom of Morocco reported a share of $50 each which is still below what would have initially been given.  

According to the presidential press unit, the Minister told the president that everything is going on well with the students. This caused uproar among the students on social media who allegedly accused him of lying and not minding about their situation.

Up to date, the South Sudanese students abroad are continuing to suffer and need instance help to cater and cope up with the hardship brought about by the Covid-19 and most believe that the Minister and his colleagues have embezzled the funds and gave them a fingertip help to students. The minister has been smiling ever since he assumed office.

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