Here Is Why Top Government Officials Must Take President Kiir Serious This Time | Short Note

South Sudan President Salva Kiir in an interview in Juba. Photo by Peter Bauza/For The Washington Post)

26/06/2020, (JUBA)–After Sacking of Hon. Mayik, many other senior government officials should be in and ready for a rude shock from Mr. President. In the last three years, the President has been lamenting about not being surrounded by people who are loyal and faithful enough to execute their duties as he commands them. He at least admitted that he is surrounded by people who only eat public resources. (Embezzlement and Graft)

For this reason, the end of this Revitalized Transitional Government of the National Unity could prove a disaster for those who wish to further their political ambitions. Chances are that they would lose public trust given that somebody disowned by the President himself who is also seen as ‘corrupt’ can not perform any further on public offices. Like what would that mean? Perhaps a double transgression and it means a seal of impunity which many citizen would perceive as the baddest image. This would totally crush their ambitions and they will have no space again in politics.

The reality is that the President is twice if not thrice serious about implementing his strategies that are geared towards the development phase in the country. And this seriousness will however have a negative impact no those deemed as ‘political opportunities’ in the country. For even much a worst case scenario, some will not even finish their terms once the full functional R-TGoNU order is stumped. There will be no space and the last ride results will be a thud-fall.

At the moment, the surprises are boiling as the President jots down the weak points in his last government before possibly picking it up again after the purported 2023 elections.

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