Head of customs still making a killing despite corruption allegations | RB

President Kiir had last month lamented about non oil revenues being diverted to personal accounts by some heads of customs. This came after oil prices thoroughly dropped due to economic impacts of Covid-19.

After one and half weeks of Kiir admitting to this graft, the coworkers of Gen. Dr. Akol Ayii Madut called for his resignation, accusing him of corruption.

“This man receives 1, 622, 740 pounds as his monthly salary. What kind of corruption is this?” Said a junior customs officer who spoke to Eye Radio on 21th July 2020.

Gen. Akol Ayii Madut’s colleagues/coworkers are calling on him to resign due to corruption. He is said to be requesting all the money that have been generated by the customs and for whatever purpose, nobody knows.

Gen. Akol was appointed in 2018 to replace the then sacked head of South Sudan Customs, Gen. Akok Noon Akok who was widely seen as a reformist.

Despite corruption allegations, the president or the minister of finance didn’t comment. The general is still continuing with his work raising questions of if the matters concerning graft fall into deaf hear.

Corruption in South Sudan has been a daily topic which citizens decry. It amounts to lack of services provisions which overall leads to lack of infrastructural growth in the country as citizens languish in the dark.

(Photo/Supplied: General Akol Ayii Madut. Head of South Sudan Customs)

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