Hardworking man tells S. Sudanese getting dollar is not easy in America too – RB

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The question of where S. Sudanese who live abroad work has been surrounded by myths and misconceptions for decades. Some say the available works are brushing donkeys teeth, selling tomatoes, washing toilets and many more that are by all type of sorts associated with lowness.

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This made thousands of S.Sudanese silence about what they actually do for survival in countries like USA, Australia and Canada while their relatives back home weigh a load of pressure on them. “Send me money” has always been a common song.

As popular saying goes “Office work is not for everyone”, so trying hard to make both ends meet is a life struggle is art that deserves applauding.

The man clearly said that getting dollar in America is not easy just like it is not easy getting it in Juba. For sure the economic state of South Sudan is slitting throats. $100 = 51,000/- in black market and it is appreciating constantly which totally degrades the Pound.

The man identified as Mayar Yeldit on Facebook has created waves of sympathy from the netizens.

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Some of his friends also had the Courage to admit every day’s struggle. While those commented sympathized with him and giving words of encouraging to admiring the state of life. Everybody else left a positive note.

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His action might have a little impact, but the reality and the South Sudanese family ties, remain a call for concern when it comes to the variables of dependency and independency.

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