Governor Denay Jock Warned lack of unity in Juba created instability in the grassroots

Governor Denay Jock of Jonglei/Photo Courtesy

Newly appointed Jonglei State governor, Hon. Denay Jock Chagor greets president of South Sudan/photo: SSPU

The newly appointed governor of the fragile Jonglei State warned that lack of peace in the nation’s capital among the politician creates instability in the grassroots.

Hon. Denay Jock Chagor, the youngest state governor ever appointed since the creation of South Sudan, urged leaders to unites in the nation’s capital to make it possible in the grassroots.

Denay was speaking during the swearing ceremony of the newly appointed national ministers and state governors administered by the Chief Justice Chan Reech Madut in the presidential palace on Monday.

Speaking during the swearing ceremony, Jock said, if we don’t get unity in Juba, then we should not expect it at the grassroots, adding he is not too young to handle the situation in Jonglei.

He also said whether people like him or not, he will work hard to make sure services are delivered to the people and bring the much-expected change in the Jonglei State.

According to the minister of information and Communication who spoke during the ceremony, Michael Makuei Lueth advised the newly appointed Governor of Jonglei state to be ready to face “mounting challenges to fix in Jonglei state and bring the communities together.”

However, Makuei further believes that with the support of the people of Jonglei, Denay will deliver services and bring peace and stability to the state.

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