Government isolating people in an open air as new cases of the Coronavirus surges

South Sudan quarantine facilites in the capital Juba.South Sudan quarantine facilites in the capital Juba.

South Sudan government begin the quarantine measures this week. More than 23 people who tested positive for OCVID-19 this week were asked to isolate in an open compound in Juba.

Since last year, the government allocated millions of dollars to curb COVID-19 and help fight the spread. The citizens wondered why the government didn’t build quarantine facilitates.

Newly emerging cases

Newly emerging cases.

Vice President, H.E Abdelbagi Ayii Akol this week imposed another lockdown in the country cited recent global events and surges of the virus.

The Vice President banned gatherings including churches on Sunday, tea places, restaurants with restricting to maintained social distancing, and schools.

The order came days after the country COVID-19 cases increase dramatically.

“The government is putting together people who have corona. There are more than 23 people now as I am talking to you. They have been isolated here with no help.” A local with deep knowledge spoke to Ramciel on Thursday confirmed.

South Sudan has been on record for being one of the countries in the world with the lowest numbers of noble Coronavirus cases. Scientists still can not understand why. But recent pieces of evidence suggest otherwise.


several people in an open air quarantine facilitates in Juba.

several people in an open air quarantine facilitates in Juba.

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