“Government do not want unification of forces” Senior SPLM/A-IO

FILE PHOTO: South Sudan’s First Vice President Riek Machar. REUTERS/Samir Bol/File PhotoFILE PHOTO: South Sudan’s First Vice President Riek Machar. REUTERS/Samir Bol/File Photo

The government of South Sudan under president Kiir is not serious to implement the current peace process, according to senior SPLM/A-IO who asked his identity to remains anonymous because he was not authorized to speak.

Speaking to Ramciel on Saturday from Juba, Peter (not his real name), an outspoken member of the opposition also a member of parliament said Kiir does not want to unify forces.

“President Kiir is not serious. He is not going to implement peace. He is buying time. Look, my friend, he is subverting the process and nothing is moving. The government is not willing to unify forces.” He said.

He blames president Kiir for the slow implementation of the peace process saying the man “has power” to process everything but because he is not willing, nothing will happen.”

The senior member said Kiir did not even dismantle the 32 states because they are still operating.

“The 32 states are still operating. They were not dismantled. And there are possibilities that Kiir will returns the country to the 32 states.”

SPLM/A-IO forces and government soldiers clashed on Thursday and Friday morning in the military training camp in Morota, Keji Keji, Central Equatoria. This has been condemn by the international community as fear the relatively peace currently holding may be in danger.

The Movement’s spokesman, Williams Gatjiath said on Friday morning that their forces withdraw from the battle field tactically to avoid an all-out war.

The rebel’s movement is expected to carryout a conference next week to declare IO as none armed but political party to prepare for the elections in 2023.

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