GERD talks resume following Trump’s ‘destruction’ remarks

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) talks have resumed after US President’s remarks of Egypt ‘may blow up’ the dam or perhaps acted too late to stop its rival Ethiopia building the mega dam.

Cyril Ramaphosa announced on Monday that the talks have resumed and hopefully, a positive conclusion will be made among the parties (Ethiopia, Egypt and the Sudan)

“The resumption of the negotiations is indicative of the strong political will and commitment by the leadership of the three parties to the peaceful and amicable resolution of the GERD matte,” he said.

“It is a reaffirmation of the confidence that the parties have in an African-led process in line with the Pan-African maxim of African solutions to African problems, one of the cornerstones of the African Union.” He added.

Prime Abiy Ahmed has personally been angered by Trump’s remarks which led to summoning of US Ambassador to Ethiopia, Mike Raynor last week.

Abiy Ahmed responded that Ethiopia will not succumb to intimidation and that it has never been defeated by foreign forces, boosting the confidence of his people.

In the other hand, Trump was condemned by many other leaders and he is asked to be a fair broker over things that involves diplomacy.

Republican Congressman Jason Crown said, “The US must act as an honest broker to ensure a sustainable and diplomatic settlement. “

“The President’s comments on GERD are reckless and uninformed,” he added, saying his speech did not take into account the dam’s future.

Both US and Egypt have been cementing relations in the recent months. US has also moved in to persuade Sudan to normalize relations with Israel of which Sudan have agreed to.

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