Gen. Malong seeks to replace Vice President Taban Deng Gai in a new deal

General Paul Malong Awan {PHOTO: COURTESY]General Paul Malong Awan {PHOTO: COURTESY]

Former powerful SPLA Chief of Staff, 1st Lt. Gen. Malong Awan is now seeking to replace Vice President Taban Deng Gai, new details emerge.

According to an insider within the president’s camp who extended the content of the deal to RB, the recent deal in Rome behind the close door asked the president to remove Taban Gai and immediately put Gen. Malong in.

Taban and Malong are seen as bitter enemies. For instance, Malong continues to blame Gen. Akol Koor and Taban Deng of conspiracy to kicked him out of the government in May 2017. The news was ears shattering, but President Kiir proves to be fearless who takes what he gives.

The former chief reportedly begged President Kiir for the seek of peace among the people of Bar El gazel to reinstate him into the system, however, this time in the country’s top political post-Vice President.

In his communications with closed contact in J1 on September 23, 2020, the powerful General from Aweil was fully briefed on his proposal to the president.

“In his communication with his contact in J1 on 23/9/2020, General Malong was fully briefed on his proposal to the president”, according to an extended email to the RB.

“His proposal is to replace Vice President Taban Deng Gai as one of the Vice presidents. Malong pleaded to Kiir for that position but was initially told that it was not going to be possible, but he persisted that he badly needed it”, the source added.

“Malong begged Kiir to help him get the position and assured him that he will defend Kiir with his blood in case of any war. he asked Kiir to forgive him as a younger brother for the unity of Bahr Gazal. Kiir told him to dismantle SSOMA first and he started on this by destroying his party and has expressed willingness to damage SSOMA by making a side deal in Rome.”

An attempt to reach aid in Malong’s camp to confirm this allegation went fruitless.

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