Gen. Johnson Olony to vacate Khartoum – Sources

Gen. Johnson Olony saluting during an event/Photo Courtesy

The pronounced Upper Nile State governor who through Sudan People’s Liberation Movement party In Opposition’s (SPLM-IO) ticket became the nominee whose nomination for Upper Nile Gubernatorial seat was disputed is set to leave Khartoum according to sources.

The IO general is reportedly under siege from government’s agents who are said to be pursuing him in the shadow.

“The General can not stay here but will find another place if Juba does not want to give him his position as per Transitional Government.” said a close associate to the widely feared giant leader.


While speaking on anonymity, the source added that the recent visitation of Khartoum leaders has cemented the Juba-Khartoum relation which could have a negative impact on Olony’s Khartoum stay.

“We know that the leadership in Juba is planning on how to get rid of Olony through Khartoum and that one can not be accepted.”

Another source who spoke to RB said that the reason is not for fear or anything but claimed it to be for ‘precautionary’ measures.

“Olony will leave this place. We feel that there are people after him. And it is those who don’t want him to be the governor,” he said but declined to reveal the next location of the military giant man when asked.

This week, there have been rumors that the IO military leader was arrested and that he was to be handed to Juba administration through the office of the National Security.

Despite such allegations, Olony didn’t come out to rubbish such claims but IO military spokesperson Brig.Gen Wiiliam Gatjiath cleared the air saying Olony was not arrested and that the reports were untrue.

Olony’s ‘read out’ as the confirmed nominee of IO as UNS-GOVERNOR by H.E President Kiir has put Upper Nile State on hold and remains as the only State of which its governor is not appointed under Revitalized Transitional Government of the National Unity (R-TGoNU).

Both parties continue to stand firm on their grounds concerning Olony becoming the long awaited governor of UNS.

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