Futile peace talks between government & heavily divided SSOMA possibly to resume tomorrow

File Photo/Source/Radio Tamazuj: Hon. Pagan Amum Okiech, former SPLM Secretary General, former member of Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) negotiation team and leader of Real SPLM, an opposition group, RoSS

The Rome peace talks between the government team led by Hon. Nhial Deng Nhial and opposition groups are likely to resume on Monday after bearing no fruits and heavy divisions within South Sudan Opposition Movement Alliance (SSOMA), a coalition of opposition groups comprising of Real SPLM led by Hon. Pagan Amum, National Salvation Front (NAS) headed by Gen. Thomas Cirillo and South Sudan United Front/Army (SSUF/A) led by Gen. Paul Making Awan.

Real SPLM and SSUF missed out on the negotiations and as a result,

Pagan Amum sent out a message to the South Sudanese citizens informing them about the occurrences at the Rome and the next scenes of the peace talks.

Following the unfortunate division within SSOMA, the two SSOMA delegations started negotiating with the government under the mediation of Sant’ Egidio Community, separately. The delegations have delivered opening statements and discussed the framework of the talks. Next they will discuss the violations of Cessation of Hostilities Agreement and their recommitment to it, as well as strengthening of the implementation, verification and monitoring mechanisms. After that the parties will will develop and adopt a declaration of principles and the agenda for the talks. This session will end on the 12th of October with the adoption of the agenda and possibly agreement on when the talks will resume to engage in the negotiations on the substantive issues addressing the root causes of the national crisis.

Hon. Pagan Amum Okiech, Real SPLM chairman and a chief negotiator of SSOMA

SSOMA has been heavily divided over rumours and some factual reports which concluded that SSUF/A had a link with the government and that it bridged the terms of the coalition’s trust.

In a letter earlier this month which was issued to the public by SSOMA, SSUF was suspended for having reportedly said to have met with a government delegation underground.

This caused commotions and Real SPLM leader rejected the decision saying it was hurriedly made by some of SSOMA leaders without a second thought.

On repercussions, the fragile leadership of SSUF whose members keep defecting was hit hard and the party chairman was blocked in the process of attending the Rome peace talks.

As of today, the peace talks between SSOMA and government are all square without a substantial outcome and will thus possibly resume in the next step.

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