Frustrated Western Bhar el Ghazal leaders to leave IO in numbers

FB IMG 16068463934088993SPLA IO military leaders seated during the SPLM/A IO 6th National Convention - Juba, Republic of South Sudan. Photo Credits/Couryesy: Waakhe Simon

The South Sudan People’s Movement in Opposition (SPLM -IO) and Western Bhar el Ghazal leaders relation is fast coming to an end.

Yesterday, a group of leaders from WBS formed a new political party Lions Front (LF) after breaking away from mother party SPLM – IO.

The new party’s leadership cited ‘lack of Respect’ from the IO leadership shown towards other leaders from WB.

According to IO politician from WB, more leaders will leave IO saying that the party is no longer up to its vision and that it is imposing ‘wrong leaders’ on the people of Western Bhar el Ghazal.

“The party is showing us disrespect. Our opinions are not valued at the table of say as we the people of Western Bhar Gazal, especially from Wau.” He said.

The leader also added that there is no point of staying in IO while their contribution is not appreciated or valued.

“This is just the beginning. We are going to leave in big number and abandoned this man people call Risk Machar,” he added.

Western Bhar el Ghazal is the most diverse state in the Republic of South Sudan interms of ethnicity.

The political crises in Western Bhar Ghazal is said to be caused by ‘picking of who they want’ (Dr. Riek and Angelina Teny) by the critics. The two are said to dictating SPLM/A -IO and hence not accommodating the party members’ opinions.

“Riek and his wife are running IO like family business. They choose who they like and leave the people with capacity” said a political critic.

Of late, IO have been going through tangible political crises following defections of its senior members.

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