Former SPLM secretary calls for “kicking out” of Tut Kew and Akol Koor

South Sudan’s former Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army’s Secretary for External Affairs has criticized the Security Advisor, Gen. Tut Kew Gatluak and head of the Internal Security Bureau Gen. Akol Koor.

The vocal politician who is also a Presidential aspirant has called for removal of Tut Kew and Akol Koor. According to her, the two are very DANGEROUS for the nation and must be removed by the people.


Screenshot of her Facebook Post

Both Akol and Tut’s work to handle the Security sector of the country and it  has been widely and firmly criticized advocates, politicians and even army generals themselves. The power they possess is greatly decried.

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According to latest report by human rights watch on South Sudan, the South Sudan National Security (NSS) must be removed or rather restructured.

Suzzane Jambo served for more than 6years as Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army Secretary for External Affairs.

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