Former SPLM/A-IO chairman, Dr. Riek Machar urges to form a party to compete in the election

FVP Dr. RIEK Machar test positive for COVID 19FVP Dr. RIEK Machar test positive for COVID 19

The continued distrust within the Sudan People Liberation Movement/Army is no longer a secret. Among those who came out of recent are political activists who blame South Sudan’s First Vice President, H.E Dr. Riek Machar Teny.

According to Meen Gabriel Chol Kuc, Machar should form his political party to compete in the upcoming general election.

Meen blames Machar for confusing South Sudanese with his advanced ideas that don’t support the recollective vision of the common people.

In a letter addressed to the former SPLM/A-IO Chairman and Commander-in-chief, Dr. Machar, Meen said because of Machar’s failed “strategies and preposterous idea” the country is miserably facing many challenges.

“You failed the country and the people of South Sudan are now in miserably lives experiences because of your strategies and preposterous ideas.”

Meen believes Machar’s idea of Federalism is not supported by 99 percent of the population.

“Yesterday you talked too much about the so-called federalism but what I know so forth the federalism cannot solve the problem of south Sudanese people because it is a system of governance and not a political system, decentralized system of governance is what 99% of our Citizens need currently.”

“You need to rethink again and stop being Advance in the mixture perception of federalism of South Sudanese. This country is not belonging to you alone to always encourage preposterous ideas.”

He urged Machar to form his political party and face the SPLM in the upcoming election.

“To Conclude, you form your political party not SPLM incompetent organization to compete with us in the upcoming General election if you have little interest to contest for Presidency in our country if you don’t have a fear of Rejection from the people of South Sudan.”


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