Formation of Militia in Bul-Nuer in the name of Mayom special force shouldn’t be Repeated in Chiewau/Maiwut County

Col. Dickson Gatluak Joak, military spokesman of FVP Taban Deng’s forces allied to South Sudan government (File photo)Col. Dickson Gatluak Joak, military spokesman of FVP Taban Deng’s forces allied to South Sudan government (File photo)

Maj.General Dickson Gatluak Jock

When one is integrated it meant, according to lay man term to become and part in the very inclusive system of governance or whatever its. Question begging asking; are former PMPC fully integrated and if so, why keeping them under a separate command from the SSPDF and under Gen Ochan Puot?  General Ochan must also knows that he is bigger than commanding Chiewau sub-clan being in the virtue of rank of Major General, thus at least he could command a Division or should take the responsibility of Pagak but not separate army.

What are we going to gain from that small unit of Maiwut special force as Eastern Nuer? We need to learn from the past yakuaana.

Back to the point, Chiewau must open their eyes and not be allowed to be kept by the system as Militias as been seen in Bul-Nuer in Bentiu 7 years ago. Allowing this always comes with consequences, for instance the last seven years have reduced a good number from Bul-Nuer who had been fighting all types of other Nuer in Bentiu against them. Of course, because Bul-Nuer were well armed, they had managed to protect their land but in terms of man to man ratio, they lost a big number of men in form of this militia ordeal.

Hence, Chiewau must not repeat and accept this divide and rule policy of the regime in Juba, and if the government really meant the business of standing with them, let their forces be redeployed across the country and becoming part and parcel of the core SSPDF including the General Military GHQS, Bilpam.

It’s in this juncture that I endorsed the letter written by former defunct Maiwut state governor General Bol Ruach Rom, Major General Gatluak Riek Jack, plus other sons of Chiewau who are directly calling on the government in Juba to reconsider deploying General Ochan Puot somewhere else.

Chiewau needs to live peacefully with their brothers from other sub-clans of Gajaak but this won’t happen with the presence of General Ochan Puot who have been percieved as the mastermind of the problem in the area.

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