For South Sudan to survive, JCE and other tribal communities must die

Members of Jieng Council of Elders meeting in Juba, South SudanMembers of Jieng Council of Elders meeting in Juba, South Sudan


There is a need in South Sudan to discourage tendency of building semi-political tribal groupings. These groupings always influence the activities of Political actors in favor of their tribes. This has been the case of Jieng council of Elders-JCE..

JCE has for very long time been at the center of controversy over the extent of its powers. The role of JCE contributes to the rise of different rebel groups who always cite the role of JCE as one of their grievances. On that point I totally agree with them.

The basis of my agreeing with them is that as they work for the unity of Dinka Community, they are emboldening President Kiir and some of his Officials who are from Dinka to reject any reforms that is against them.

As the JCE has now come out clearly to denounce the leadership of the SPLM-IG that has been the source of crisis in the country, I call upon the JCE members  to Officially disband the JCE as an organization and begin to workv as individuals for peace, unity and development in South Sudan.

The politicians must realize that tribes as a basis of governance is against the unity and progress of the Country like South Sudan. Instead of promoting tribal groups like Jieng Council of Elders and any other tribal communities that are likely to emerge once they have power let us promote the Political Community.

As it has been defined, a political community is a group of like-minded people who share common political goals and values such as social justice, lowering taxes, improving educational policy and better country of all irrespective of gender, race, tribes, religious beliefs and etc.

The members of Political Community are united by citizenship rather than any other consideration. This is why it is a collection of individuals who give support to one another because they share a common belief or experience.

The belief and understanding is that an ideal community would be one in which each and every member of said community is dedicated to the care of each other’s well being, without being too invasive into the lives of those individuals. Each person would care about each other, without being judgmental of their choices or their behavior.

In general, for South Sudan to survive and develop, the tribal groupings such as JCE and other tribal groupings must die.

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