First Vice President’s Press Secretary Preaches About Forgiveness

(RB), South Sudan’s First Vice President’s Secretary, James Gatdet Dak on Sunday urged the nation’s citizens to consider forgiveness as a tool for nation-building.

Gatdet who kidnapped in 2016 from Nairobi, Kenya but released under president Salva Kiir’s order in 2018, wrote a book in which he revealed the secret to withstanding hard times while in prison. The book ‘My Painful Story’, Abducted from Kenya, Imprisoned in South Sudan, focusing on his deportation from Kenya and the 2 years he spent in the blue house (Prison) in Juba, South Sudan.

In what he considered as “my one-minute preaching” on Sunday, Gatdet said it is the best weapon at disposal.

“Forgiveness, or forgiving someone who has done you wrong, is the best weapon at your disposal. It harms no one, but soothes the souls of everyone, including you the victim and him or her the perpetrator”

He believes forgiving someone frees and strengthening one’s spirit as a result, happiness commenced in one’s life.

“Instead of locking yourself in a situation of internal mental warfare, forgiveness frees and spices your spirit and brings back happiness to your soul, and at peace with whoever you have forgiven”

His message was instantly shared and likes by hundreds of are fans online (social media).

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