First Vice President Dr. Machar Agreed to Disarm Lou-Nuer, Senior Official

South Sudan soldiers intersecting guns disarmed from the civilians/location unspecified/2013. Ramciel Broadcasting does not own the copyright to the picture but using it for informative purposes

A senior official who asked his name not to be mentioned because he is not authorized to speaks to media on Friday told Ramciel Broadcasting from Juba that, Dr. Machar, the First Vice President of South Sudan hint to agreed with President Kiir’s suggestion regarding the disarmament campaign.

President Kiir has asked his First Vice President to disarmed Lou-Nuer citing they have “more machine guns than the government” itself.

Following the campaign which already kicked off from Warrap’s Tonj county, Kiir feels it is wise for Nuer to be disarmed.

“The president asked Machar to begin the plan to disarm Lou-Nuer. The chairman told the president that he will think about it. It was today that Machar told the defence minister that he agreed with the president”

“It will happen as soon as possible. He already planned to discuss this with the Chief of staff, Lt. Gen. Simon Gatwech Dual” he told Ramciel Broadcasting over the phone.

Others see this as a plot to give the government upper hand to tighten its belt on power. Possibly if Lou-Nuer is armed, Kiir can declare rebellion is over. He can choose whatever he wants to do with his opponent, cites a political commentator on social media.

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