First batch of 500 Afghan Refugees out of the expected 2000 will arrive in Uganda today Upon US request.

IMG 20201009 WA0027File Photo/Courtesy: President Museveni.
The United States of America’s Government has requested Uganda to host 2,000 Afghan refugees with the first batch of over 500 Afghans is expected to land today at Entebbe International airport.
Uganda’s Ministry of Disaster preparedness and refugees says they are prepared for their arrival. The country fell to Taliban militants’ weeks after US Army withdrawal, a long-awaited mission that ended the lives of thousands of soldiers both American and afghan government forces.
The Taliban militants swiftly returned to power in the capital of Kabul on Sunday following the underestimation of the US government that the Taliban militants could not counter the existing government forces trained, facilitated and equipped by the US administration.,
 Afghan president shamelessly left the country in fear of his life, a move that angered the citizens terribly leading to the toppling of Afghan government and driving thousands of people into a desperate race to escape the country.
The fall of Kabul wiped out the last vestige of government control after a ferocious Taliban offensive that took one major city after another in a matter of days. President Ashraf Ghani fled the country on Sunday. Hours later, Taliban leaders took his place in the presidential palace.
The Taliban’s summer-long military campaign had forced widespread surrenders and retreats by Afghan government forces. Government troops abandoned scores of outposts and bases, often leaving weapons and equipment behind.
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