Fire breakout in Abyei market burned several shops, left one person dead

Fire breakout in Abyei market left one person deadFire breakout in Abyei market left one person dead

A fire breakout in the Amiet Market, Abyei on Monday left several houses and shops burned to the ground. Locals were having their normal day when the fire started from a nearby shop escalating burning on spot properties.

Speaking to Deng Amet, a resident who owned a shop in the market, some people sustained injuries on their backs. An Arab trader who owned a big shop in the market was reported dead.

“You know, the problem starts very fast. Many people run away because there was a huge explosion. It was caused by a generator in a nearby local gas station. No one dies but some people have back wounds.”

Deng lost his shop and a couple of his friends encounter injuries.

“My shop now is burnt down. I just get new items to the shop. I couldn’t save any of them because we first run away thinking it was something else. I do not know what to do to this end.”

Local police intervene to deescalate the situation but it was difficult to save properties.

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