Final nail as Adut Akech releases another deep photo with Nigerian Runtown | RB

Photo credit: Business of Fashion.

After a long week of stress and complains from South Sudanese men who have crush on Adut Akech, another deep photo of the two lovers surfaced online, leaving the South Sudanese-Australian based supermodel’s admirers a hard time to swallow bitter tears.

Adut is seemingly happy with her newly alleged lover, the afrobeats hits maker, Runtown. In a photo below, Adut seem to be having the best of her life as she kills the dress with his new man too rocking the scene. Smiling softly as the King. Runtown stood softly in a scene best described by the picture below.

UK must be a lovely place for the two as their relationship strives like an environment that encourages breeding.

The South Sudanese men are left but to decry the scenarios in slow pain as the most Beautiful woman waves bye to her hometown and her countrymen. Many of the South Sudanese ladies have aired their voices online, singing loudly that love is not all about identity.

Nigerian men have been acknowledged to be very romantic unlike South Sudanese men that are seen as they are ready to marry the second wife at any given moment but also said to be very unromantic by the South Sudanese ladies.

Adut and Runtown’s relationship continue to stir wild thoughts among the South Sudanese men but to her, it could be the best gift any lady would ask for in life.

(Ramciel does not have the copyrights to these images of Adut Akech but purposely using them for entertainment only. All credits go to the photographers and the supermodel, Adut Akech)

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