Fighting resume in Nasir, rebels captured Ketbeak

An explosion seen at a distance IN kETBEAK today in Nasir: PHOTO/SUPPLIEDAn explosion seen at a distance IN kETBEAK today in Nasir: PHOTO/SUPPLIED

The fighting between the South Sudan People Defense Forces (SSPDF) and the rebels including the Professional Paramilitary Force (PPMF) has today resumed in Nasir county.

Government forces are reported to have evacuated the military based in Ketbeak as rebels claim they have captured it.

According to Liem who spoke to Ramciel from Mandeang on Monday evening, government soldiers evacuate Ketbeak after 2 hours battle with the White Army backed by unspecified Paramilitary troops believe to be associated with Hon. Duer Tut Duir.

“The fighting has resumed this afternoon. White Army angered by yesterday’s fighting leaving many of their comrades unburied, triggered a mass campaign. I am afraid this may be a renewed war in Upper Nile.”

Yesterday, the government soldiers in Nasir accuse White Army of planning to attack their position in Nasir town and Wech Yar Adieu.

The government responded by launching a severe military offensive scattering the White Army, burning down several villages in the area around Koat, and Noor Deng. Details of the villages burnt were not obtained by Ramciel to verify these claims.

Liem said mass mobilization is ongoing and he is not sure who will stop it. Liem also affirmed the White Army is being backup by unspecified armies but refused to mention the name.

“Your question about military involvement is true. Of course, there are soldiers in the fight. What do you expect, this is a war? But I will not say further than this.”

Ramciel has learned that forces loyal to Hon. Duer Tut Duir who has not yet declared their position seems to play much interest in the on-going fighting.

According to the leader of a new rebel movement South Sudan National Defense Force (SSNDF), the military wing of the South Sudan National Democratic Party (SSNDP), will backup the Professional Paramilitary Force (PPMF) in the upcoming skirmishes in the Upper Nile.

In an email seen by Ramciel shared by credible sources, this new front is designated to participate fully in the “liberation of the whole of South Sudan” and engaged in the protection of the civilians and properties in the Upper Nile States.

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Image supplied to Ramciel shown an explosion in a distance in the area of Ketbeak, Nasir county-Upper Nile State.

“The South Sudan National Defence Force (SSNDF) which is the military wing of the South Sudan National Democratic Party (SSNDP), will be backing up the Professional Paramilitary Force (PPMF) in the awaiting horrible armed tensions in Upper Nile State. The (PPMF) has been designed to participate fully in the liberation of the whole of South Sudan and the protection of the property in the Greater Upper Nile region.”

Gen. Yien claims his forces are already deployed in the areas around Paloch, Renk to counter thousands of troops sent to captured the remaining rebels based in Eastern Jikany. These claims, Ramciel could not be verified.

“The (SSNDF) and the (PPMF) have confirmed the latest deployment of the (SSPDF) into Renk, Poloch and surrounding areas. It has been reported that the government of Juba has sent several thousands of the (SSPDF), s troops to massacre, displace and burn down the villages in the Greater Upper Nile region.  In response to the newest government’s troops deployment into Renk, Paloch, and the surrounding towns, the (SSNDF) will be fighting alongside the Professional Paramilitary Force (PPMF) in order to overrun the national capital Juba by 2021.”


Several sources suggested that Professional Paramilitary Force (PPMF) in Upper Nile could be loyal to Hon. Duer Tut.

Officials in Nasir denied the allegations citing White Army should not be “killing soldiers” and that they have a duty to protect the civilians.

As the news of Awelgek coming in that they preparing to break away from SPLM/A-IO, peace implementation could be in a dire need of an urgent ceasefire.

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