Female Author, Alith Cyer Mayar

ALITHLIONESS| Writer:The Cry 🇸🇸 and The Battle Within Me| Enterpreneur: SE 🌠|Founder:WWF📖📝🇸🇸

By Boka Jr. 

Alith Cyer is a South Sudanese writer. She is the author of two published books, ‘’The cry of South Sudanese Children and ‘The Battle within me’ which was launched in the first week of December 2019.

Alith was born in Khartoum and grew up in different places e.g. Sudan, Uganda Wnaja and South Sudan. She is the second born in her family of 8 siblings (2 boys and 6 girls). She was raised by Mom, elder Sister and grandmother.

She started her Primary Education in Sudan from (1-5) and went to Wau where she set for Primary 8. He went for high school for S1. And S2 at Green Hill Academy, Uganda from (2014-2016) and went to Comboni College (CCK) in Khartoum where she did her Senior three as a Science Student, section of Biology.

Reaching to University Level, Alith went to Sudan Academy for Medical and Technological Studies from (2017-2018) as a Nurse by training. During that time, she volunteered for different Hospitals, like Ibrahim Mala and some local clinics.  

In Sudan, she was teaching English and Literature to children, Students of Secondary as well as individuals from Universities. The courses were being paid for, and it depended on who had interest to join. 

She was also a Liberian who likes keeping books, there it was her chance to read books of her choice. Alith also has facilitation skills, social enterprises skills and peace mediation skills by training. 

She started writing at a young age. Alith is so unique in personality and ideology. She likes observing things with keen eyes. 

If she wants to communicate something, she would grab a pen and paper to write. Her mom used to buy for her some teenage story books. As she read, she Made sure there was pen and note book to write statements and parts that inspired her. She did that secretly and didn’t show her journals to anyone. 

When she was in Primary Seven, she had a big notebook which she used for 2-years for writing down her dreams, inspirations and aspirations in life.

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