Famous wrestler killed in Lakes State

Wrestler AbuiRIGHT, Abui/photo Courtesy/Source: Facebook

South Sudanese famous wrestler has been killed in Lakes State’s Aweirial County, sources said Wednesday.

According to some sources, heavy fighting erupted between the youths in the outskirts of the Aliab land and the counter attack led to the killing of Mr. Abui Long Aguat.

The exact killers have however not yet been identified.

“Abui was targeted by these people who were involved in the fighting and we do not know why they killed him,” said a man from Rumbek who was informed about what transpired.

But according to SBS Dinka, Abui were chasing the bandits with his clansmen and met with soldiers who opened fire on them.

“Abui and some of his clansmen were chasing the bandits who raided their cattle camps and that is when these soldiers met them. Abui and his colleagues were holding their guns down, but these soldiers jumped out of the vehicle and started shooting. They killed Abui on spot and then took his weapon.”

According to this report, it is clear that the man was targeted and killed on spot by the soldiers


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