Eye Radio blasted over ‘shallow’ report on PoCs’ clashes

Picture: UNMISS’ PoCs,Juba, South Sudan. Source: Humanosphere

08/06/2020 (JUBA) — Following the recent clashes within PoCs, the renown Eye Radio broke the news to the public with a stunning headline of ‘Fighting over stolen memory card left 175 injured in the IDPs camp in Juba’

As a result, the South Sudanese on social media rushed in with some condemning, mocking, blaming the government while others sympathised with the IDPs. In an otherwise emotional outburst message, an IDP, living in one of the POCs, wrote a message which was first projected by 211 magazine on facebook, and the citizen writes,

“It’s shameful of Eye Radio to come out ranting or reporting fake news belittling the S.Sudanese living in Juba POCs.

It would have been good thing if Eye Radio should first identify, study and then do the right procedures before reporting their side of stories.

Dear Eye Radio the case is not over “Memory card” 2GB as you are dancingly reporting to your listeners.

The case is “FRUSTRATION” authored by the GOVERNMENT of S.Sudan. the S.Sudanese living under the POCS in UNMISS are the victims of the war between the government and the oppositions, they are vulnerable, they suffer from torture of isolation, lack of clean Water, lack of enough food, lack of better living conditions. The Juba Massacre and poor living standard frustrated the S.Sudanese living there under UN custody, that “frustration can compel violent over minor problem”.

Can’t Eye Radio imagine the trauma of Seven years of torture? Seven years of divide and rules of the regime, Seven years of enduring the pain of surviving the Massacre? Can’t the eye Radio study the level of frustration and trauma?

Eye Radio should apologies for not studying the case and reporting defamatory messages.

Government policy towards the people living in POC is the root cause of that unfortunate violent in POC.


Member of POC resident”

It has been a period of 7 years since 2013 crises that made the IDPs became confined to UNMISS’ POCs camps across the country. This according to an unreleased report by Ramciel Broadcasting, the people inside are psychologically traumatised. A good number have their sanity hanging on the border line. The plights are often over looked and little have been reported about the suffering or servere living conditions inside the camps and this must have been a great concern to some which otherwise let the citizen whose message appear above to write about Eye Radio overlooking the the seemed root cause of the issue.

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