Exiled controversial Kenyan lawyer, Miguna Miguna to vie for Nairobi governor


Miguna Miguna, the famous exiled controversial Kenya lawyer, declared his interest to contest for the seat of Nairobi governorship, Ramciel had learned. Miguna was deported in April of 2018 to Canada by his Kenyan government.

Dr. Miguna Miguna, known for speaking out his mind and controversial when it comes to Kenyan politics will be running for Thirdway Alliance Party ticket from exile in Canada. On Sunday, Miguna Miguna entered the race with 7 realistic objectives to service the Nairobi county.

The election is to be held next year 18th February 2021.

“We need to work together in Unity as patriots, as comrades, as freedom fighters to liberate Nairobi from cartels and tyrants. Lets mobilize and organize like no other time. The time is now. Nairobi must be liberated. Viva!” said Miguna via video recording seen by Ramciel Broadcasting.

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