Ethiopia’s Ethnic Purge fronts international Human Rights attention.

Prime Minister Of Ethiopia and Kenya President/Photo CourtesyPrime Minister Of Ethiopia and Kenya President/Photo Courtesy

The Soldiers occupying parts of Ethiopia’s war-torn Tigray region are currently engaged in an ethnic purge of native people who are being thrown into concentration camps and massacred by the dozen, a report has claimed.

Information from US officials say Tigrayan fighters have looted the warehouses, they’ve looted trucks and they have caused a great deal of destruction in all the villages they have visited.

Tens of thousands of Ethiopians have been displaced internally or forced by the fighting to flee over the border into Sudan.

The Twitter account of Ethiopia’s foreign affairs ministry promoted a post late on Sunday that read: “A new wave of false allegations being lodged by TPLF operatives giving falsified accounts to what are considered reputable Int’l media outlets.


International media has sampled witnesses in the northern city of Humera, near the border with Eritrea. The witnesses have however confirmed the incident  saying soldiers from Amhara province are conducting a door-to-door search for ethnic Tigrayan people and that thousands of residents had been forced into makeshift detention centres.

The campaign of slaughter reportedly began in July following a decision by occupying soldiers to exterminate all Tigrayan residents in the city.

Once it is written in your identity card that you are Tigrayan, there is no mercy the militants just kill you.

This is the latest report of brutal attacks on civilians in Ethiopia’s civil war. The conflict began late last year when Abiy Ahmed, the prime minister, ordered troops into the region in an attempt to crush the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).

Following decades of dominance the TPLF had seen its power in government reduced after Mr Abiy became prime minister in 2018, and it withdrew its representatives from Addis Ababa entirely when he cancelled elections during the coronavirus pandemic – before holding its own polls.

The UN’s human rights office said in March it had corroborated reports of mass killings in the Tigrayan city of Axum and Dengelat, a village, for which Eritrean soldiers allied to Mr Abiy had been blamed.

And last week several witnesses told the Associated Press they had seen Tigray forces attack a hospital and religious site in Amhara province, including with artillery. They killed civilians and looted medicine, the news agency reported.

This marks a gruesome and deadly war that has sent thousands of ethnic Tigrayans into concentration camps where they are mercilessly tortured and brutally killed in Ethiopia as part of an ethnic purge.

The violence is the latest development in a 10-month-long conflict in east Africa between the Ethiopian military and rebels in the Tigray region of the country.

Prime minister Abiy Ahmed launched an offensive military attack on the Tigrayians and claimed that it was in response to Tigrayan forces attacking his military camps, but his government had been feuding with TPLF, the main political party in Tigray for months.

The TPLF made unexpected gains in June of this year, recapturing much of Tigray from the army, the Telegraph reported.

Following their victory, occupying ethnic Amhara forces from the neighboring region, who still controlled the city of Humera in the region, decided to “exterminate” and “cleanse” all Tigrayans in the area.

Amhara forces have since been going “door-to-door” to round up anyone who is ethnic Tigrayan, The Telegraph said, based on information from a dozen eyewitnesses.

The forces have taken thousands of Tigrayan men, women, and children to makeshift concentration camps, cut off prisoners’ limbs, mutilated bodies, and dumped them in mass graves.

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