Ethiopians’ conflict escalating as government sends more troops to Tigray

TigrayTigray special forces were pictured outside the Northern Command Headquarters/Seized Ethiopia army's military vehicle/Photo Courtesy

The conflict between the Ethiopian government and the powerful Tigray region is escalating amid international calls for de-escalation.

On Friday, Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed has said that airstrikes that are being carried out in Tigray religion are targeting military’s bases of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).

The House of Federation – one of Ethiopia’s parliamentary chambers – said the Tigray leadership had “violated the constitution and endangered the constitutional system” according to state owned EBC

Late last week, the Ethiopian parliament voted Tigray administration illegal and that it would appoint a caretaker administration. This was broadcasted by the EBC.

Tigray leaders and army have dominated Ethiopia for many years and frustrated when Abiy took over in 2018, citing marginalization. The TPLF thereafter withdrew from the ruling coalition of Prosperity Party of Abiy Ahmed and Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) that currently controls every seat in parliament.

In September, the Tigray region held regional elections despite Federal Government cancelling elections in the country due to Covid-19 which was quickly seen as an extension of Abiy’s term.

Ehtiopia’s political parties are ethnic based and there is a wider fear that the situation could affect other regions that have been asking for autonomy.

With little facts gathered, the wider reporting is shadowed due to ‘the Tigray region being cut off from communications by the Federal Government. The network is reportedly cut.

From the media sources, there are reports that a few clashes occurred near the border of Tigray with Amhara region and the border with Sudan as well.

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