Ethiopian troops to advance via Akobo | Whistle-blower

Photo: Members of ENDF on a mission to free kidnapped Ethiopian children by Murle, 2016. Souce: DW

15/06/2020 (RAMCIEL) – the Ethiopian Commander of Ground Forces Gen. Molla Hailemariam of Ethiopia National Defense Force (ENDF) who has last two weeks threatened to turn Juba into hot volcanic lava or subterfuge if the South Sudanese leadership allows Egypt to entrench base in near Pagak now considers advancing to the site via Akobo. This comes after the confirmed report that Egypt will have its forces starting to move to the allocated piece of land for military purposes as agreed by the South Sudan government.

Speaking while on her duties last week in the military headquarters of Bilpam in Juba, the South Sudan Defense Minister Hon. Angelina Teny said,

“South Sudan can give its land to whoever it wants and cannot be advised on what to do”

This came after the alleged report that H.E the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed asked through the Foreign Affairs ministry that Juba should not accept Egypt’s request for a military base near Pagak as that would pose a threat to the diplomatic relations between the two countries. It could be a move too, that could sabotage the filling of the GERD.

Meanswhile Ethiopia is by all means to protect the $ 4 billion Dam project despite the ongoing talks about the filling of the DAM.

But according to secret information obtained and extended to Ramciel Broadcasting, the Ethiopian troops are in preparation and set to start advancing anytime via Akobo to the site despite the challenges and the impassibility of roads during this rainy season. This is in accordance to the said report that Egypt is to start moving its forces to the newly allocated base which other media sources already confirmed their landing on the Paloch airport.  

“They are ready to purely fight inside South Sudan to defend the dam,” said the whistleblower. This however would be in response to the claims that Egypt will disrupt the sealing of the dam construction.

South Sudan has been cementing its relation with Egypt since 2018 and in a recent move, the country is set to be a part of the Arab League which is a move believed by many citizens to be a persuasion from its ally: Egypt

The presence of both troops would mean that the Upper Nile region of South Sudan is likely to turn into a warzone between the two countries which have advanced modern warfare.

(AKOBO is a border town in the Eastern South Sudan’s Jonglei State-bordering Ethiopia)

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