Ethiopian citizens welcome the GERD filling with happy faces | RB

The citizens of Ethiopia who have been for weeks waited too long for the filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam to begin, have expressed their happiness all over the internet.

As two weeks passed, after the failed negotiations between Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia over the filling of the Blue Nile Dam, the Ethiopian government officially kicks off the filling of the dam with nearly 4.5 billion of litres flowing in a day.

According to satellite imagery recently surfacing online, the water level has risen of which the experts initially thought it was due to rains but it gradually became clear that it was the filling of the dam that kicked off.

Many Ethiopian citizens have expressed their readiness and the government itself downplayed the action that Egypt would take to stop the filling process, thus proceeding with filling. 9 out of 10 Nile basin countries have at least, through study, support/ed the dam filling as they also eye benefiting from the power that the mega dam would transmit. Many Ethiopians across the country are reportedly said to be celebrating the action that the government took, terming it as a ‘milestone’

The dam is expected to benefit more than 60 million Ethiopians who are still in both poverty and darkness. The filling of the 4 billion US Dollar dam is though estimated to take between 5 – 15 years period.

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