Ethiopian army falls short as TPLF regains Axum, vowing to take all towns back

imagesMembers of TPFL in Mekelle - Tigray/Photo Courtesy

TPLF regained Control of Axum, Leader vowed to retakes all the towns

Tigrai People Liberation Front, commonly known as TPLF on Sunday announced to have regained control of the region’s second most inhabited town.

According to Debretsion Gebremicheal, TPLF is now in control of Axum and vowed to retakes all the towns under Ethiopian National Defence Forces despite Dr. Abiy’s declaration on Saturday that, the operation in the northern part of the country is brought to a halt. Abiy announced on his Twitter on Saturday Mekelle is under the control of the National Defence Force and ceased the military operation there.

However, Debretsion Gebremichael speaking to Bloomberg by text message on Sunday said they are in full control of the region’s historical sites.

The Prime Minister said yesterday their mission is complete, but he was caught today bombing Tigray,” Debretsion said. “We’ll take back all towns based on our plan. The initiative is ours now.”

Debretsion’s group claims to have shot down a MiG-23 aircraft and had its pilot in custody, he said by text messages.

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