Ethiopia sets free a popular activist from Gambella

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A popular activist who hails from Gambella region of western Ethiopia arrested 3 months ago accused of link to crushed TPLF set free on Friday, Ramciel has learned.

The man named Gatluak Buom Pal was arrested by the Ethiopian security agents following comments on the state of the country shortly before the outbreak of the civil war which ended with the defeat of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).

According to sources, Gatluak who has been known as a strong supporter of change in Gambella region has been released today in Addis Ababa after a long period of detention.

According to the sources familiar with the matter, Gatluak was being accused by government officials within the region of Gambela who detested his popularity.

He is by far the most popular politician in Gambela despite his age. Some of the critical events in the region that had happened resulted due to his mistreatment by the region state machineries with direct support from the regional government.


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In a statement he published on his social media account on Friday, Hon. Gatluak thanks many of his supporters, family members and citizens for standing behind him while in the prison.

Gambella citizens welcomed the news after confirmation that he was released by Abiy’s government.

Sources told Ramciel that Gatluak has been very vocal that it was foreseen that he would be arrested.

Ethiopian government cracked down activists and pro TPLF leaders at the time of fight with the Tigray regional government last year. He was accused of supporting TPLF but no evidences were found, sources familiar with the matter further clarified to Ramciel.

“Abiy government is committed to working with all citizens. After findings, Gatluak was found to be expressing his opinions in a positive manner and not inciting violent or supporting TPLF. Thus, the government released him without delay. The Federal government will support and compensate the activist,” said the official who asked not to be identify.

The official in Gambela said Abiy government has no problem with people talking in debatable manner but will hold accountable those wishing or creating instability in the region.

This act of freeing the popular activists is another step the government of Ethiopia has taken to clean its name after being accusing of cracking down activists with opposing views.

Gatluak remains to be a popular political activist across the Ethiopia.

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