Ethiopia asks South Sudan Amb. to leave over ‘visit’ of TPLF leaders

imagesLeft, South Sudan Amb. to Ethiopia H.E James Pitia Morgan shaking hands with, Right, Minister of Foreign Affairs of FDRE Gedu Andargachew, Jan 2020 (Phtoto Credit/Courtesy)

Ethiopia asks South Sudan ambassador to leave in 72hrs over the controversial TPLF leaders meeting with Al Sisi in Juba.

Ethiopia’s government under Dr. Abiy Ahmed on Sunday asked the South Sudan ambassador to Addis Ababa to leave the country. The reason for the request is believed to be the controversial visit of the TPLF leaders in Juba where they met with the Egyptian President, Al Sisi on Saturday.

Ethiopia gained control of Mekelle on Saturday, the same day the South Sudan government hosted Al Sisi and Tigray leaders.

According to an official working with Ethiopia’s foreign affairs, Addis Ababa is disappointed in Juba for hosting their enemies. The official who spoke to Ramciel on Sunday asks identity hidden.

“Our intelligence gathered that Debretsion Gebremicheal met with the Egyptian president in Juba. Addis Ababa is interpreting this differently” he said.

He blames TPLF leaders for trying to gain foreign support amid terrible defeat by the Ethiopia National Defense Force.

“Meeting Ethiopia’s potential enemies is not something to be taken lightly. TPLF once again proves that they are not in the interest of this country. Ethiopia will defend its territory and interest no matter the forces against her”

On Sunday, TPLF regained control of Axum city, a military might town in the Northern region of Ethiopia, which is its stronghold.

South Sudan officials were not able to verify these claims.

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