Massive Corruption and Tribalism at South Sudanese Sudents Union in Uganda, Equatoria Delegates withdrew

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The president of South Sudanese Students Union in Uganda Mr. Gum Beny have swindled US-Dollar 22,000 token given by H.E. President kiir, said a whistle blower with a direct knowledge.

The source who preferred anonymity have revealed that the President of South Sudan gifted the student’s body the said amount as a token but the money ended up in an individual(s) pocket.

“The President, Gum Beny Machar have taken all the money given to the students by President Kiir and he divided it among the people close and supporting him in the corruption and division”  said the source.

For the last one month, this has been a hot topic among the students who accused their president of prioritizing his interest and those he is close to.

Subsequently, the Equatoria delegates have withdrawn from the overall South Sudanese Students’ Union in Uganda alarming a new wave of division within the body.

According to the letter, the leaders have cited several issues releating to gross violation of the student body’s constitution. Biasness and lack of transparency have also been indicated as some of the core issues that have dissatisfied the students’ leaders and affecting the moral of the union.

The letter which was extended to Ramciel Broadcasting was addressed to the President of the Union, Mr. Gum Beny Machar.

Download the PDF here (click):


Contrary to the withdrawal and resignation, there have been rumours that students of Equatoria origin might cease to be members of the said corrupt body uniting South Sudanese students in Republic of Uganda.

The student’s body is said to practice tribalism and it is said to be highly encouraged by the president of the union who is apparently seen as the divisive factor instead of a unifying factor.


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