‘Enough is Enough’ demonstrators brutally confronted by the NPS

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Juba, South Sudan: -Citizens who stood behind the late Trisha C who had lost her life after the gruesome accident yesterday at the Mobil Roundabout in Juba have today morning been brutally dealt with by the National Police Service.

The demonstrators who include fans, artists, activists, and people mourning the death of the late artist marched to demand their rights early on Tuesday Morning but slapped by the wrath of the system that immediately suppressed their rights.

The South Sudan National Police service arrested the protesters and among those arrested were familiar figures and activists such as Wani Michael, David Kolok, Manasseh Mathiang, Cozoo Clan, and Comedian Feel Free who arrived even much earlier.

The citizens are however still calling for change pertaining to traffic and that Enough is Enough as the system is slowly and individually killing them.

The water tanks that are driven by the Ethiopians and Eritrean citizens have a recorded number of accidents that resulted in the loss of life of ordinary and innocent people. Some lost to accidents are as young as 5-year-old children.

The accident which involved the water tank, a motorbike whose driver died on the spot, and a saloon car sparked the Tuesday morning demonstration which was quickly put off by the heavy presence of police.

At least 10 people have been injured by the police.

So far it is not yet clear when those arrested will be released.

For some demonstrators, the Ethiopians and Eritreans should leave while to others, it the system that needs to change.

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