Emmanuel Kembe living “horribly” despite revolutionary songs

Emmanuel Kembe pictureLegendary singer Emmanuel Kembe

The Extinctive Emmanuel Kembe Despite His Revolutionary Songs.

By: Cde Lulhok II

I don’t know much about him I know much about his songs his radical resentment towards oppression, his Revolutionary songs and most importantly I came to learned that he even join army in the struggle of the SPLA and faced the Arab Islamic regime of then Sudan. the man is the definition of Revolution, his songs could make up what we can call a blueprint for Unity and Peace in our country. His voice is empowering and real taste of strength and courage.

Recently the man after I saw his pictures with boy he nursed musically Silverx Saimo , Emmanuel is still living under Rakuba and I bet no car and if there’s a Car he is not using it, or else if he’s having a car he doesn’t have nice house, his bank account probably can be equals to what I have in EcoBank absolutely zero coins, and if he did have some savings and that money can’t make up to what he could have deserve. What I’m trying to say is, the man worked hard and harder to educate us about the SPLA-M struggle, the vision and goals of our movement that led us to victory and if that wasn’t enough the man sung enough songs educating us about the importance of voting for secession and overwhelmingly in Unity State-Bentiu we voted for separation because of his songs and that of Kang JJ Our country is now independent and we have a do nothing president that’s not their fault though.

What I’m saying is that the man has been betrayed look he and Gordon Koang are twins in this, they both join in Struggle through their music the struggle garnered some support and meaning from people watching over the fence, Emmanuel Kembe must be patience enough look at the boys who came minutes ago, John Kudosay, Ding’aNyai, And likes of Duop Pur Duop and Munu tani I’m forgetting…these boys are running the show now they have lands, cars and money and our lord Emmanuel Kembe the only one man that truly meant business is living a village life when his music is a national anthem.

Moral: our country is living a horrible state of affairs if our struggle and victory could forget men like Emmanuel Kembe what is the meaning of the struggle, John Garang and the dead leaders must be very angry. Oh SPLNCP we need our country Back.

Emmanuel Kembe


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