Emergency Food Crisis Appeal launched: Ethiopia’s Tigray region, South Sudan and Nigeria to benefit

A refugee riding a horse after getting Humanitarian Food (getty images)A refugee riding a horse after getting Humanitarian Food (getty images)
The Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (CAFOD)has stepped up a urgent need for the world to combat the catastrophic food emergency for the Four countries in Africa greatly affected by the double standard crisis of climate change and immense effects of war in the respective countries.
Currently, thousands of families across these three countries are facing both dire and extreme hunger with several contributing factors which include among others Covid-19, climate change, and protracted conflict, creating a humanitarian emergency that puts the lives of women and children at higher risks of starvation, malnutrition and sadly, death.
CAFOD has expressed the urgency for all sector players and the global community to respond to these emergencies. At the moment, there is no ‘luxury’ of dealing with one crisis at a time as it was the case many years back.
Recently, a report published by the United Nations points to 155 million people faced acute hunger in 2020 with an increase of 20 million people from 2019 statistics. Its sad to not that the  hunger uncertainty is expected to increase in  23 global hotspots with  catastrophic situations in Tigray in Ethiopia, South Sudan, and northeastern Nigeria.
To date, the organization has committed £500,000 from donations however further support to get medical care, food and clean water to hundreds of thousands of people is needed.
CAFOD appeals to the international communities to support local aid workers in enabling the  scale up of the emergency response to reach more women, children, men, the elderly, and people with disabilities with the food they urgently need.
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