Egypt Is Said to Be Carrying Out Massive Surveillance Along Ethio-South Sudan Borders

Juba, South Sudan

June 22, 2020, Juba, (RB)Last week, powerful Egyptian president, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi told his Air Force officers to be ready to carry out military defence outside the borders. While in the airport he emphasized “discipline” as the fundamental principle in the nation’s defence system. A move was quickly seen by Ethiopia as a direct threat.

Political commentators across the region believed El-Sisi meant to either invade Ethiopia to stop the filling of the dam or planning to intervene in Libya as Turkey is seen to be steering her military mighty in the war-torn nation.

With much speculations of the Egyptians presence in South Sudan, this week, a photo circulated in social media with Egyptian military stunt for photograph most likely in Palouch military based. According to our sources in Juba, South Sudan, the photo was taken early this month in Upper Nile, but the sources could not verify the exact location.

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Egyptian Army proudly take a picture with South Sudanese army in an unidentified location within the South Sudan/Ramciel Broadcasting does not own the copyright to this picture but using it for informative purpose

“Well, they are here, and they have their drone in our airspace. As you can see in the picture, that is the drone to be flying around along the border of South Sudan with Ethiopia”

Further investigations carried out by Ramciel disputed this claim and said the photo was taken in Egypt in 2015.

South Sudan government continues to deny any presence of the Egyptian army within the country, a move that doesn’t satisfy the Ethiopian government.

While Ethiopia has one of the most secretive military spies in Africa, it was ranked in 2018 by Global Firepower as 60 of 138 most powerful military nation on Earth. Egyptian surprisingly was ranked the 9th of 138.

The two nations for the last 5 years have been on high tension over the construction of the Grand Ethiopia Renaissance Dam (GERD). While the dam glorifies Ethiopia’s developmental progress, Egypt sees it as a threat to her national security.

The two countries have not yet found any common ground to decide how the dam should be filled. Ethiopia threatened that she doesn’t need anyone’s permission to begins filling the dam and for how long.

Ramciel Broadcasting is still investigating the source of the picture.

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